Caspian Summer

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Hello, and welcome to my art blog …

My name is Kara and this is where I’ll be posting the majority of my art on this website.

You may recognize these pictures from That’s because I also have an account over there, which you can find at the link below:

Due to the fact that a lot of art from DA ends up on tumblr uncredited, I have decided to simply start posting mine here, so that we can avoid all of that, “I don’t know who created this” stuff. As long as we all start working together to make sure we only reblog from the artists’ tumblr pages, we’ll see a lot less work running around uncredited. But this transition, of course, begins with the artists working on tumblr as well.

Also, I feel like I shouldn’t have to add this but DO NOT under any circumstances remove my signature from my art. Thank you.

In other news, if you like something you see here and would like to purchase it, you can try that link up there and see if it is available as a print. If it isn’t, feel free to message me at any time to discuss the possibility of the piece becoming available for sale.

Apart from credit issues, I have decided to start posting most of my art here for the primary purpose of seeing what you think of it. Have an opinion to share? You can send me a message here or leave a comment on the actual picture on my DeviantArt page.

My main blog, for those of you who would like to contact me there or see what else I do with my time is IntoGlass.

Thank you all for reading, and I hope you enjoy your time here.

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